• Goodbye, LNR blog. pt.2

    Goodbye, LNR blog. pt.2

    2006. Part Two in my farewell series to my old blog, celebrating my new blog and new site. As mentioned before, I'll be highlighting one post a year from my old blog's almost nine year history. We've made it to the second year now.

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    And new, starting today! The digital version of my book, The Hidden People (previously $5) is pay-what-you-want.

    Ok! Enought of that. On to the re-post from the year Two Thousand and Six.

    2006 represents my first steps into watercolor and digital work. And this piece is the best example from that year.


    Thursday. September 28, 2006. 


    * * *

    Above is the painting and the drawing of a piece that's been long in the planning, about a year in fact.

    Below is a doodle I did about a year ago for a piece that I wanted to do but after a few false-starts, never made it. I shelved it and pulled the idea out about a week ago. I'm pleased with where things are headed with this.

    The idea started about a year ago, and so I checked the archive of September 2005 to see what I had said about it just in case there was something incredibly insightful that must needs be repeated. But there was nothing. However, September 2005 was a fantastic month for blogging: many watercolors and other treasures, as well as some birds.

    Check it out: September 2005 Archive


    We're back in the present now. This idea is one of those that has stuck with me and manifested itself in different ways over the years.