Visions of Whence is an anthology comprised of my first five themed sketchbooks: 
The Hidden People, Menagerie, Lyrebird, Studies from the Wilder Forest, and Wanderings.

Presented here in this collection is each and every one of the original pages; all of the sketches, studies, and finished drawings from those five sketchbooks.

While the format for the original sketchbooks was 6" X 9", for this anthology I returned to my original scans to completely rebuild this book, page by page.

Due to the larger format of Visions of Whence, I've been able to make some minor improvements to the sketchbook layouts. These subtle adjustments have given me a little more breathing room and allowed me to showcase the work in a beautiful, new way.

These pages are a faithful representation of the original five sketchbooks however, where possible, I've included never-before-seen drawings as well as a gallery of painted works not collected in the original volumes.

9" X 12" 
300 pages.